Samsung’s Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

Samsung’s Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

Samsung's Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

“Holy shit.” It’s not what usually comes to mind when I touch a new phone. But Samsung’s Infuse 4G is spectacular. Ridiculously good 4.5-inch screen. 1.2GHz processor. 4G on AT&T. Why, exactly, wasn’t this the new Nexus phone?

I pick it up. Whoa. This is quality. The first Samsung phone in ages that doesn’t feel cheap—it’s a radically better tactile experience than any Galaxy phone, even the Nexus S. The plastic is dense and matte, the back textured. The phone itself a nearly perfectly sculpted, sufficiently thin slab (AT&T’s thinnest), the expanse of the 4.5-inch screen making it seem somehow thinner. It’s what a high-end phone should feel like.

Let’s consider the specs: 1.2GHz processor. The fastest Android phone yet. The screen is comically, hyperbolically named, like the umpteenth version of Street Figher II—Super AMOLED Plus—except that it lives up to the name, in that it’s noticeably better than Samsung’s current Super AMOLED displays (which are already great), since it packs more subpixels into each pixel. The screen definitely pops more. It’s also one of AT&T’s first 4G phones. (This may sound confusing, but it’s 4G in the same sense as T-Mobile’s 4G, since it runs on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, not its LTE network.)

Any downsides? Well, I’m mildly concerned about the battery life on this beast. And it’s running Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top of an as-of-yet unknown Android variant. A clean build of Android 2.3 would be killer, effectively making it the real Nexus. That said, it might wind up being one in a sense anyway: This is the new blueprint for building an Android phone.

Samsung's Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

Samsung's Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

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but does the screen combine with the ultrazord?



That is freaking awesome! I need to see this thing in person. It could be too large but this could almost completely replace a tablet. Reply

Not a blueprint for building Android phones, It finally does look like a nice Samsung phone though. This thing will be old news very very quickly. Reply

This is one of the first Android phones I could see myself buying. The only thing that would prevent me from doing so is the HORRIBLE skin Samsung puts on it. Why can’t we just have standard Android with no crapware.

For the Android users out there- How difficult is it to install a vanilla rom and does performance suffer from it? Touchwiz is gawd awful! Reply

Good to see every other phone manufacturer is still dismissing battery drain issues entirely. Reply

Yep, this is the new blueprint… for another two months. This phone war is getting ridiculous. I shouldn’t be this jaded this soon.

Anyway, good news for AT&T and I’m assuming that they’re no longer tinkering with Android in capricious, disgustingly unnecessary ways, yes? Reply

I’m positive that Samsung screwed Google over when they made the what is now current Google Nexus S Reply

Henry Shreffler promoted this comment

What the BALLS google? Samsung had this beast ready and waiting and you still chose the Nexus S as a flagship? It’s a nice phone, but this just clearly outstrips it. Reply

When is the Samsung Infuse being released? and what is the price? Reply

fznmomin approved this comment

Two things will prevent this from being my next phone.

1. The lack of pure android.

2. at&t’s network, customer service, and pricing plans.

Hopefully this will become the next standard for smartphones, and a million more will pop up, with a pure android clone riding the wave onto a different network. Reply

Henry Shreffler promoted this comment

finally some good android phones for AT&T. Reply

Edited by RsK at 01/05/11 5:07 PM

I actually might get this phone, I would have to hold it myself first, 4.5 inch screen is big. I held my friend’s DROID X, and that phone was big, and I believe it had a 4 inch screen. Or if not this phone, I’ll get the iphone 5. Reply

Isn’t it a little too big for a mobile phone? :-S Either that or he has small hands. Reply

Edited by HK-47 at 01/05/11 5:02 PM

I thought the MID was dead? Reply

Sadly, I’ll never buy another TouchWiz phone unless Samsung puts a hell of a lot more effort into it than they did the Galaxy S variants. I’ve found so many glitches, stalls, freezes and things that kill the phone. Sorry, Sammy, you need to do better. Reply

It’s on at&t. therefore, it is shit. The end. Reply

mruler360 promoted this comment

I’m still happy with my EVO 4G…7 months later and it is still in the top 5 best smart phones. This is actually pretty rare for Android phones lately…

But if I HAD to switch to AT&T, I’d definitely get this phone but I would flash a vanilla ROM to it to get rid of Samsung’s (in my opinion) ugly interface.

My friend’s Captivate didn’t even have a Weather app from the factory!! WTF?

There would be a few things I miss about my HTC Sense mixed UI, but I’d get used to it. Reply

OCEntertainment promoted this comment

i stopped reading at “4.5 inch screen”

these people need to just stop. seriously. Reply

So, although no one says it, I’m assuming from “50% more subpixels” that they have finally dropped the crappy alternating two-color pixels?? That would be nice. But can’t *someone* somewhere figure out the actual resolution of this thing? Reply

A device of every possible size… choice or overkill?
To me, make the Tab look even more pointless.
Or this is pointless.

Oh. I dunno Reply

According to another article the Infuse will not be released until 2nd quarter of 2011. That would explain the decision to go with the Nexus S. Reply

The world according to giz commenters.


Ghostnappa9001 promoted this comment

This is great! Now HTC has something to BEAT. Reply

So… there was a 5″ tablet out there, right? How is that any different than this?

I don’t see the size to be too different to tell them apart. Reply

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