The Galaxy Player Looks Like One Sweet Android iPod Touch

The Galaxy Player Looks Like One Sweet Android iPod Touch

The Galaxy Player Looks Like One Sweet Android iPod Touch We’d gotten a quick look at the Galaxy Player before, but not like this: a nearly three minute video that shows that Samsung’s brought a gun to the iPod Touch gunfight.

The Galaxy Player is an Android 2.1 media player, and it looks like the first device to really go toe to toe with Apple’s iPod Touch. It’s got a 2MP camera, 8GB or 16GB internal memory along with a microSD slot, an FM radio, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.2-inch screen, built-in DivX support. And access to the Android Market for all your Angry Birds needs.

There’s no price announced yet for the US, but it’s currently available for at 200 euros overseas. The iPod Touch costs about the same in euros and in dollars, so we’ll hopefully see the Galaxy Player come in at around 200 bucks. If you’re an Android fan, you’ve been waiting a long time for this. [Samsung Hub via Wired]

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Jesus Christ, Samsung. At least PRETEND you’re not just stealing all of Apple’s designs. This is getting silly. Reply

With enough budget to produce all-CGI scenes, Samsung cuts the funds to hire a professional hand model. Sad, sad thing to watch the crooked finger for 2 minutes. Reply

As an iPhone owner, I can’t wait to get this and bring Android into my life. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Reply

How can it have the Android Market if it doesn’t have a 3G signal radio? That is one of the requirements that prevent just any tablet from getting in on the fun. Reply

AreWeThereYeti promoted this comment

I am very excited about android tablets, but I am still not too sure on an MP3 player. They just seem so redundant with cell phones. Reply

For some reason that screen look like it was added to the video cuz in a few instances, that persons finger looks out of place when touching icons like hes fat fingering the screen. Is this an attempt to fake the speed of the phone and clarity?

one part he pressed an icon and the media player came on just before he was touching the icon to bring it up on the main screen. Reply

But…I hate the music player on my Android… Reply

Does it look pretty fat to anyone else? like slider phone fat? Reply

It looks great…but people keep missing what makes iPods the huge sellers that they are: the ecosystem.

You can find any number of peripherals, docks, adapters, etc. etc. for your iPod.

For example, if you go to a party, you can more than likely dock an iPhone or iPod into one of the DJ’s peripherals or a home stereo; devices like these, not so much, at least not without carrying some kind of a cable with you.

Hell, most home-theater-in-a-box systems sold at places like Best Buy are packaged with an advertised iPod dock. Reply

It’s too bad I have no idea how the thing will work because the entire thing is simulated. Reply

Jesus H. Christ. Someone FINALLY did it. I’ve been wanting to cut the last tie I have to Apple products but there hasn’t been a true competitor to the iPod touch until this. If it has a screen as good as the Galaxy S phones and maybe even a 4″ screen, that’s even better!

Ten thousand thank yous Samsung! Reply

I’m happy to see this come out for one simple reason- the more Galaxy series devices there are, the more likely Samsung will actually put some effort in supporting them. We know for sure that Galaxy S phones will be getting 2.2. There is a very high chance this will have it before the end of the year. If they keep coming out with devices that share a code base, maybe we’ll even see gingerbread on them. Reply

“And access to the Android Market for all your Angry Birds needs.”

Android Market? On a non-cellphone device?

I will buy this, maybe. Reply

Regardless if the screen is simulated, but does he not seem to hold down his finger when pushing on an app or anything for that matter, a bit long? Reply

Sweet, I can’t wait to play Angry Birds Halloween on it. Reply

Usually not into circus/indie/happy-go-lucky music, but I liked the song they used in this. 🙂 Reply

blehbleh13 promoted this comment

How did it get Android Market and what media player will it use to sync with Reply

QLAB promoted this comment

MSN Droid, that just sounds funny.

This looks pretty cool. I like the augmented reality app. Reply

If only it could pretend to be an iPod to all those car stereos that only make good use of an iPod through that 30-pin connector.

iPod is the best cross-brand, best-featured CD changer ever to come to mobile audio. Reply

Same price? Repeat after me.. NO RETINA DISPLAY

Thank you… Reply

I don’t get it. All it would take for a device like this to become a serious ipod touch competitor would be to knock $50-$100 off the price. The android fanboys (myself included) will inevitably love this but for the Christmas shopping parent or the not-tech-savvy adult looking for a music player, what would entice them to go with an unproven product over the behemoth that is Apple’s ipod? Apple’s marketing machine is too good and their head start is too advanced for any company to go toe to toe with them in terms of pricing. Reply

I’ll be watching this closely. I need an Android device for dev purposes. BTW is this the cheapest way to get an uop-to-date Android device besides getting a phone with contract? Reply

Ok the flying Android with the cape outside the plane was friggin adorable. Reply

TheLostVikings promoted this comment

Same concept should be applied to WP7. Instead of creating the Zune hardware and abandoning for WP7, MS should have extended the brand to a WP7 Player–a device that’s part of the entire WP7 ecosystem and not have neglected the Zune market. Can WP7 or a variant run on a Zune HD? Reply

Great! This is great but, how about audio quality? The iTouch is known by being the higher end portable player out there. I’m an audiophile you know… Reply

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