Satsports releases GPS unit for active people

GPS maker Satsports recently debuted its latest GPS unit designed for skiers, golfers, cyclists, and others who enjoy the outdoors and want to track overall physical activities.

It comes equipped with a 2.7-inch full color touchscreen that that contributes to a good user experience with the device. Videos, MP3s and photos can all be displayed using the screen, which I think are all extremely interesting features for a GPS device.

In addition to these features, Satsports also is interested in providing software and apps that can be downloaded for more functionality.  The company has a custom app for skiers/snowboarders, golfers, runner and hikers, and an optional, enhanced GPS app that can be purchased for use with street navigation.


A Pocket Caddy app is designed for golfers, and includes yardages, record and track games by rounds, and 2D and 3D flyovers of the golf holes on a course.  The last major app, Satsports Log, helps runners and cyclists monitor speed, time, distance and altitude.

The Satsports GPS unit also has support for several custom apps, depending on which activity is being enjoyed at the time.  The Satski application provides owners the opportunity to look at trail maps from major ski resorts across the world.  It can also track speed, distance, movement and altitude.

The Satsports GPS has a $490 MSRP and is available now.

I pay somewhat close attention to GPS units, as I’m an avid cyclist and runner who relies on a GPS to monitor training. And although the unit itself looks interesting — and offers appealing apps — I’m not honestly sure if I need a device with such a big screen.


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