Sharp launch Willcom D4 WS016SH UPMC

Sharp Willcom D4 UPMC 1

Today everybody needs ultra portable PC to connecting internet anywhere anytime. In today’s life it is very necessary to connect with internet therefore Sharp will introduce latest Willcom D4 WS016SH Sharp Ultra mobile UPMC. It has 5-inch LCD LED backlight screen with touchscreen feature and it has 1024×600 1360×768 screen resolution which provides you sharp and clear picture.

The Willcom D4 is powered by Atom Z520 @ 1.33GHZ Processor, 1 GB DDR2 SD RAM, 40GB HDD Hard Drive Disk, US15W Chipset, 254MB VRAM Shared with main memory, PCM 16bit Audio Sound Card, Integrated Speaker, 1.98M Web Camera, Bluetooth V2.0, Wi-Fi and LAN Networking, USB2.0 Ports, TouchPad, microSD port and many more. The Willcom is available with Japanese and United State QWERTY keyboard. This UPMC gadget is available in only black color. It provides you approx 7.5 hours battery backup.

Its dimension is just 84×188×25.9 mm and this is a lightest UPMC, its weight is just 0.470 Kg. The Willcom D4 has all necessary features in it but one back point is its low configure because many other UPMC products offers much high configuration in comparison to Willcom. But it’s a matter of own choice different people have different opinion. So what you think about Willcom D4 after knowing its all features?

Its suggested cost is just ¥ 139,000.


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