Latest Slider Ultra Mobile Notebook Concept

Slider Ultra Mobile Computer Concept 2

Today in this innovative world daily something new and unique concepts are showing. Now one more concept of innovative Slider ultra mobile computer is designed. Today’s all concept gadgets are having some unique features which is really nice and latest for users.

The Slider Ultra Mobile Computer has also some unique features such as its 9-inch touchscreen display and its full QWERTY keyboard that can exposed during flipping its screen. It offers 1.5GHz processor and 1GB RAM which provides you flawless mobile video streaming and VOIP video chatting. Its QWERTY keyboard allows its users to post blog entries easily and sending emails.

Now we talk about its difficulties, its motherboard and hard drive is located in its upper half which result a reliable crux that conveys data from screen. Its battery life is comparatively low than other due to its ultra compact shape, it offers 4-7 hours battery life. But overall this is a nice featured and unique designed Ultra Mobile Notebook which you catch your eye.


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