Toshiba Updates Their Camileo HD Camcorder Series with the Launch of Three New Models: the S20, H30 and X100

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Toshiba Updates Their Camileo HD Camcorder Series with the Launch of Three New Models: the S20, H30 and X100


Here are three little new camcorders from Toshiba that may never be seen in Japan… In a nutshell, both the H30 and X100 boast a 10Mpix sensor and touch display LCD with a 5x optical zoom on the H30 and 10x on the X100 with 4GB of internal memory on the later model.

The S20 (S for slim I suppose) is a 17mm thick camcorder with a 5Mpix censor, 4x optical zoom and a 3” LCD.

All devices are of course HD capable. If you want more details, jump into the press release below and our hi-res gallery!

Toshiba UK today announced the latest line-up of its highly popular Camileo HD digital camcorder series, with three new models launching in the UK. Designed to offer consumers both quality and choice, all three new models offer Full HD resolutions (1920x1080p).

Upload full HD images directly to YouTube

Toshiba’s new range of Camileos offer the ability to capture footage in Full HD resolution, ensuring that treasured moments and special events are captured with sharp clarity. Each new model also features a simple YouTube upload functionality, enabling users to post their footage online via a YouTube hotkey.

All-round performance

The new Camileo series shoots high quality video in almost all lighting conditions, thanks to an optimised night mode that captures high levels of detail, even in low light. All models also double up as high quality digital still cameras, delivering excellent quality snapshots at resolutions of 5MP (Camileo S20) and 10MP (Camileo H30 and Camileo X100).

Exceptional functionality

The images shot on the Camileo S20, Camileo H30 and Camileo X100 can be viewed instantly on rotating LCD displays. An intuitive touch-screen user interface, which is available on the Camileo H30 and Camileo X100 models, make it easy for users to navigate menus, while the Camileo S20’s hard-key menu also makes it easy to capture, view and transfer images to a selection of platforms. Integrated HDMI inputs across the range offer instant connectivity to HD ready TVs and laptops; with USB 2.0 and Composite Video (PAL and NTSC) increasing the number of ways consumers can connect Camileo models to compatible devices. A 30 day trial of 15 Magix’s Video deluxe suite is also bundle…



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