Extreme Leisure: 10 Ultimate Ways To Spend That Extra Day Off

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Extreme Leisure: 10 Ultimate Ways To Spend That Extra Day Off

How would you spend your extra time off this weekend if money was no object? If The Most Interesting Man In The World needed a break from counseling the Dalai Lama or whatever he does, this might fit the bill.

Believe it or not, there are several European spas/breweries that will help you wash away stress in a bath of beer. Starkenberg brewery in Tarrenz, Austria even goes so far as to fill up an entire pool with barrels of its own Pilsner. The experience will set you back around $200, but you could always save a little money and drink junk-steeped suds at home by filling up your bathtub with Miller Lite. [Starkenberger and NYT]

If you really want to get away over the Labor Day weekend, Aerion is the only private jet that will get you there at supersonic speeds. The only problem is that you will have to make reservations for Labor Day 2014—and have pockets deep enough to foot the $80 million bill. [Link]

Why travel when you have a $6 million theater right in your own home? Apparently that’s what Jeremy Kipnis was thinking when he built this ridiculous setup complete with 8.8 channels of surround sound, 16 subwoofers and video resolution four times better than 1080p. Seats three. [



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