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100 Entrepreneurs You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter

Posted by Site Administrator in Personal Learning Jul 19th, 2009

As you go to school to become a business professional or learn how to run your own company, you’ll take classes in finance, management, leadership, and more. But if you’re serious about starting your own business one day, you’ll need first-hand advice from successful entrepreneurs. Twitter is a great resource for making contact and learning from CEOs, branding professionals and small business owners, so check out our list of 100 entrepreneurs you should follow and learn from on Twitter.


These CEOs have made their dreams come true by starting companies like eBay, Digg, and more.

  1. @kevinrose: Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg who loves to share all kinds of life hacks, business tips and neat photos.
  2. @zappos: Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh also co-founded the site LinkExchange before selling it to Microsoft for $265 million.
  3. @ev: Evan Williams is the CEO of Twitter, so you’ll want to follow him for any first-hand tips and news.
  4. @pierre: Pierre Omidyar is the founder of eBay.
  5. @JasonCalacanis: Besides being the CEO of Mahalo, Jason Calacanis is also the founder of TechCrunch50 and Weblogs, Inc.
  6. @timoreilly: Follow the founder and CEO of O’Reilly media here.
  7. @jack: Jack Dorsey is the creator, chairman and co-founder of Twitter.
  8. @arrington: TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington tweets about tech news, media trends, and other stuff that can help your business stay current.
  9. @Padmasree: Get insightful business analyses that challenge the way you think about Internet, social media and business from Cisco’s CTO, @Padmasree.
  10. @mashable: Pete Cashmore is the dashing young CEO at Mashable who frequently tweets articles about business tools and tips.
  11. @jeremys: Jeremy Stoppelman is the co-founder and CEO of Yelp.

Branding and Marketing Experts

Get branding tips and marketing insights from these entrepreneurs.

  1. @randfish: This feed comes from the CEO of SEOmoz.
  2. @Schooley02: Jeremy Schooley is an Internet marketer and entrepreneur who reviews sites and shares business insights.
  3. @belasco: Learn online marketing and SEO tips from @belasco.
  4. @emad: Emad Fanous has done it all as the CTO of Citysearch, consultant and YellowBot.com founder.
  5. @doncampbell: Learn WordPress and SEO tips from Don Campbell’s feed and blog.
  6. @netgeek06: This Houston-based Internet geek is a search engine marketer, blogger and SEO consultant for small businesses.
  7. @MaryBowling: If you want to become a master at SEO and local search, follow Mary Bowling.
  8. @w2scott: Will Scott shares his knowledge about online branding, web tools and marketing.
  9. @sernovitz: Andy Sernovitz has marketed himself as the “word of mouth marketing guy.”

Social Media Experts and Entrepreneurs

Social media is a powerful tool for small business owners. These entrepreneurs have either started social media sites or are known experts for online networking.

  1. @chrisbrogan: Learn how to use social media to help your business grow by following popular Tweeter Chris Brogan.
  2. @fredwilson: Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist and favorite Twitterer to follow because of his tips on effective social networking.
  3. @dsifry: David Sifry founded Technorati and other successful websites.
  4. @jowyang: Jeremiah Owyang has a strong employment history as a social media launcher and consultant for businesses.
  5. @eugenelee: Eugene Lee is the CEO of Socialtext who tweets about classical music and finding inspiration.
  6. @kelkelly: This Tweeter is a pro at social media, web marketing, PR and more.
  7. @davesnyder: David Snyder is the co-founder of Search and Social.
  8. @calbucci: @calbucci is the founder of social site Sampa.com.
  9. @sumaya: Sumaya Kazi is the senior social media manager at Sun Microsystems and was named one of “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek.
  10. @sebprovencher: Sebastien Provencher is the co-founder of Praized Media, which is used on Facebook and more.

Blogging, Media and Internet

Get tips on blogging and using the Internet to help your business or freelance career from these tweeters.

  1. @rjpittman: R.J. Pittman was the co-founder and CEO at Digital Courier Technologies and Groxis, Inc. Currently, he’s the director of project management at Google.
  2. @scottros: Scott Rosenberg is the co-founder of Salon and is a prominent blogger.
  3. @newscred: This feed comes from the young entrepreneur who co-founded NewsCred and who likes to tweet about new technology and social media opportunities.
  4. @GuyKawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is one of the preeminent experts on online branding, networking, and more.
  5. @r27: Rajesh Pancholi shares all kinds of links and tips for web design, online communication and marketing, and more.
  6. @rseanlindsay: Get web 2.0 tips, business strategies and more.
  7. @danielkehoe: Follow this feed for links to articles about startups, networking, and using technology for your business.
  8. @yummyman: Patrick Sexton tweets and blogs about Google tools and SEO tips.
  9. @mdjensen: Follow Michael D Jensen to learn about Twitter tools, online marketing, iPhone tools and more.
  10. @gsterling: Greg Sterling shares Internet industry news, local search tips, Nielsen findings, and other information of use to businesses with an online presence.
  11. @aaronwall: Follow the SEO Book magnate for useful tips on online networking etiquette and more.
  12. @problogger: Learn how to use Twitter and blogging to grow your business from Darren Rowse.
  13. @tamar: Tamar Weinberg is the community director for Mashable and manages her own projects, too.
  14. @TimboReid: Tim Reid has great Internet marketing ideas for small businesses.

Freelancers and Small Business

These tweeters have taken their hobbies and created successful careers in writing, design, and small business.

  1. @copyblogger: Brian Clark is the poster child for turning a freelance career into something successful.
  2. @dgugnani: Divya Gugnani is a venture capitalist turned entrepreneur and the founder of Behind the Burner.
  3. @justcreative: Jacob Cass is a successful freelancer with three websites and a graphic/logo design career.
  4. @davidmihm: David Mihm is a freelance web designer and SEO consultant.
  5. @JeanAnnVK: Jean Ann VanKrevelen is an author who has also successfully created several websites.
  6. @smallbiztrends: Anita Campbell is the CEO of a small business community and shares business blog posts, marketing news, and more.
  7. @farahato: Moe Farahat is an online freelancer and social media pro.
  8. @brutonnb: Here you’ll find a freelance writer and blogger with a large following.
  9. @absolutelytrue: Follow this entrepreneurial mom and freelancer who shares tips for web design, content development, and more.
  10. @imjustcreative: Graham Smith is a blogger, writer, and brand builder.
  11. @JenniferCrego: This freelancer is also a blogger and the director of business development for the site GiftTree.com.
  12. @G0: Follow this feed for web tool recommendations, social media tips, and more.
  13. @chrisspooner: Chris Spooner is a freelance graphic and web designer who shares tips and tutorials on his site and Twitter feed.
  14. @SabrinaAlexis: Sabrina Alexis is behind the popular fashion site A New Mode.

Authors and Speakers

Listen to the advice given by these entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other ambitious individuals accomplish their goals.

  1. @shelisrael: Shel Israel has written books like Twitterville: How Businesses Can Survive in the New Global Neighborhoods.
  2. @mikeboland: Mike Boland is an analyst with The Kelsey Group who speaks about online marketing, search engine optimization, and more.
  3. @stevenbjohnson: Steven Johnson has written six books and is the creator of Outside.in.
  4. @donnafenn: Donna Fenn is the author of Wikinomics, Grown Up Digital and other books.
  5. @pamslim: Pamela Slim is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation.

Startups and Venture Capitalists

Learn about business investing and startups here.

  1. JayNeely: Jay is a Boston-based entrepreneur who tweets about business marketing and startups.
  2. @LilDanny: Daniel McClintock is the CEO of Package Web Deals and a venture startup-capitalist.
  3. @onstartups: This feed is maintained by Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of Hubspot.
  4. @startupprincess: Kelly King Anderson helps women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
  5. @AlexanderLaw: Alex Lawrence is a “serial entrepreneur” and venture capitalist.
  6. @frankidurbin: Franki Durbin is blogging, tweeting, and designing her way to becoming a venture capitalist.
  7. @DavidAnthony21: Follow vc and blogger David Anthony for book reviews, business analysis, and more.
  8. @bijan: Bijan Sabet is a Twitter board member and venture capitalist.
  9. @markpeterdavis: Follow IT venture capitalist Mark Peter Davis for business news, trends, small business tools, and more.

Finance and Wealth

Get tips on managing money and finding budget-friendly tools here.

  1. @StefanW: This feed is full of links to articles about starting a business, managing your money, using budget-friendly marketing techniques, and more.
  2. @DarrenLabrum: Darren Labrum is a lead developer for a start up and a business management student.

Strategy and Innovation

These tweeters share the tips that helped them develop cutting edge, effective business plans.

  1. @chrispund: Chris Pund is the founder of DormRoomBiz, a site for young entrepreneurs.
  2. @RickM: Rick Meyers founded TalentZoo.com and shares his opinions on successful business ideas and trends.
  3. @FranchiseKing: Joel Libava is a marketing and business consultant.
  4. @smallbiztweets: Alex Bellinger’s small business podcast is full of information for entrepreneurs.
  5. @whatworks: Business.com’s Daniel Kehrer is an entrepreneur, columnist, business owner, author and more who’s passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs become successful.
  6. @brianmoran: Brian Moran of Small Business Edge shares tips for growing your business with the Internet.
  7. @deanjones: Dean Jones is a small business consultant full of helpful tips.
  8. @deniseoberry: Denise O’Berry of justforsmallbusiness.com tweets here.
  9. @ducttape: John Jantsch of the famous Duct Tape Marketing blog tweets marketing and branding secrets.
  10. @DIYMarketers: Learn DIY marketing and business tips from Ivana Taylor.
  11. @DotSauce: Mark Fulton tweets and blogs about social media, web design, web tools, SEO and innovation.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs have created lucrative careers for themselves.

  1. @Oprah: Oprah is the queen of personal branding and creating business opportunities.
  2. @MarthaStewart: You can learn more than just yummy recipes from @MarthaStewart.
  3. @algore: Since being U.S. Vice President, Al Gore has created his own career path.
  4. @BobVilacom: Bob Vila is a TV host, author and head of the DIY site BobVila.com.
  5. @cesarmillan: Follow The Dog Whisperer and entrepreneur Cesar Millan here.
  6. @KimKardashian: Love her or hate, her, Kim Kardashian is quite an entrepreneur and branding expert.
  7. @lancearmstrong: Lance Armstrong’s feed is full of inspiration, branding tips, and more.
  8. @iamdiddy: No industry is off limits to P.Diddy.
  9. @stevewozniak: One of the original computer and tech entrepreneurs, Steve Wozniak tweets about the iPhone, Linux and more.
  10. @drdrew: Dr. Drew has become a hugely successful, highly marketable sex and love expert.
  11. @jamie_oliver: Chef Jamie Oliver is a branding god.
  12. @JessicaSimpson: Jessica Simpson is an entertainer, as well as a shoe and clothing designer.
  13. @JoyVBehar: Joy Behar is a TV host, comedian and author.
  14. @LaurenConrad: Reality TV star Lauren Conrad is also a fashion designer and author.
  15. @PerezHilton: Perez Hilton started his own, uber-successful celebrity blog.

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